Mens Supplements – The Synthetic Vs Natural

Mens supplements are those specially formulated to deal with mens issues from a general male multi-vitamin to body building, hair loss and sexual performance. Testosterone Supplements are normally taken by men for the purpose of building lean muscle mass as well as helping with sexual impotence while a general multi mineral with high doses of minerals and herbs will be taken for the purpose of preventing hair loss and stimulating hair re-growth.

A significant number of nutritional mens supplements contain one or more synthetic vitamins or minerals. That is vitamins and minerals that are made from a chemical process rather than wholly derived from a natural source like plants, herbs, clays and such. Most synthetic supplements allowed on the market will be what is called bio-identical and be safe for human consumption. This means that their molecular structure is the same as the molecular structure of a natural nutrient.

However, the vital difference is that natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in mens supplements contain co-factors. A cofactor, in laymans terms, is considered to be a helper molecule that assists in biochemical transformations. For example, Enzymes help in the digestion of food. Taking enzymes requires cofactors like minerals, considered a coenzyme, in order to complete its function. Supporters of a more natural approach to supplementation would therefore argue that natural mens supplements are superior because they have the helper molecules whereas synthetic supplements do not.

Synthetic nutrients have been introduced into the supplement industry for two main reasons. Cost and availability. Natural nutrients can be costly and hard to get in the share volumes that we are consuming them in today’s modern age. It is estimated that about 60% of the world’s western population are taking dietary supplements. The supply of natural nutrients has not been able to keep pace with the share volume of consumption. Something that is changing rather rapidly as the industry is large enough to support farmers and companies supplying natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Quality in vitamins and nutrients is extremely hard to quantify. And whether or not your synthetic supplements are just as good as your natural ones is also difficult to judge. There have been no real independent studies on the matter. In fact many studies are often closed down or shot down to protect the profits of the chemical companies. That fact that hundreds of thousands of people continue to purchase both natural and synthetic mens supplements is testament to the fact that they are both adding benefit to the consumer.

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