Mens Supplements – The Synthetic Vs Natural

Mens supplements are those specially formulated to deal with mens issues from a general male multi-vitamin to body building, hair loss and sexual performance. Testosterone Supplements are normally taken by men for the purpose of building lean muscle mass as well as helping with sexual impotence while a general multi mineral with high doses of minerals and herbs will be taken for the purpose of preventing hair loss and stimulating hair re-growth.

A significant number of nutritional mens supplements contain one or more synthetic vitamins or minerals. That is vitamins and minerals that are made from a chemical process rather than wholly derived from a natural source like plants, herbs, clays and such. Most synthetic supplements allowed on the market will be what is called bio-identical and be safe for human consumption. This means that their molecular structure is the same as the molecular structure of a natural nutrient.

However, the vital difference is that natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in mens supplements contain co-factors. A cofactor, in laymans terms, is considered to be a helper molecule that assists in biochemical transformations. For example, Enzymes help in the digestion of food. Taking enzymes requires cofactors like minerals, considered a coenzyme, in order to complete its function. Supporters of a more natural approach to supplementation would therefore argue that natural mens supplements are superior because they have the helper molecules whereas synthetic supplements do not.

Synthetic nutrients have been introduced into the supplement industry for two main reasons. Cost and availability. Natural nutrients can be costly and hard to get in the share volumes that we are consuming them in today’s modern age. It is estimated that about 60% of the world’s western population are taking dietary supplements. The supply of natural nutrients has not been able to keep pace with the share volume of consumption. Something that is changing rather rapidly as the industry is large enough to support farmers and companies supplying natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Quality in vitamins and nutrients is extremely hard to quantify. And whether or not your synthetic supplements are just as good as your natural ones is also difficult to judge. There have been no real independent studies on the matter. In fact many studies are often closed down or shot down to protect the profits of the chemical companies. That fact that hundreds of thousands of people continue to purchase both natural and synthetic mens supplements is testament to the fact that they are both adding benefit to the consumer.

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The Enduring Appeal of the Original X-Men

The Marvel Comics Group is the biggest comics publisher of them all. Supporting this giant are ‘families’ of related comic books with origins stemming from the early 60’s, the Silver Age of comics. If you open any edition of Previews magazine and browse through the Marvel section (this section comes as a separate ‘free’ accompaniment to Previews), you will see several related books that focus on Spider-Man or the Avengers or the X-Men.

I would surmise that if you visited Marvel during the early or mid-60’s and told them that the X-Men would become an important cornerstone of their business they probably would not believe you. After all, the X-Men, so prominent these days in print, video games and movies, was the laggard publication of the Silver Age. Sales were so dismal that the original X-Men run was even cancelled after issue no. 66! From issue 67 to 93 Marvel published reprints of the older issues.

1974 saw the publication of the landmark Giant-Size X-Men no. 1 which introduced the new team – the X-Men team that we know today, including superstar X-Man, Wolverine.

What about the old team? The original X-Men? Iceman, Beast, Angel, Jean Grey continue to be active in the Marvel universe. Cyclops became part of the new team and leads the X-Men to this day (circa 2012).

The old stories though, have largely faded to obscurity; in comics fora on the internet, when fans speak of the early X-Men issues they usually refer to issues 94 onwards. At this point, its worthwhile to note that the original X-Men experienced a revival of sorts during the early issues of X-Factor and legendary writer/artist John Byrne came up with a series called X-Men: The Hidden Years that tells the tale of the original X-Men from issue 66, the last issue of the original run, to issue 94, the first issue of the new team.

Recently, I’ve had occasion to read these early X-Men issues. The original issues are relatively pricey specially issue 1 but black and white reprints can be had from the trade paperback Essential X-Men volume 1; fully colored collections are also available as Marvel Masterworks.

The first thing I noticed was how simple the tales were compared to today’s elaborate, multiple issue storylines. It was refreshing, really, to be able to pick up one comic and sense that the creative team behind it considered it important to tell the reader a the story without making it necessary for the reader to have read the issue before or the issue after. The longest story arc was issues 14 to 17 involving the Sentinels but even then each issue on the arc contained a brief in-story summation of what happened before.

All of the original X-Men have matured since those early issues when they were still teenagers, and some of them, like the Beast and Angel have undergone dramatic physical changes. But in these pages I saw the X-Men as they were originally conceived. It is a credit to Lee and Kirby, Thomas and Gavin and the other creatives with them that I was able to easily adjust my perception from my current viewpoint to adopting Silver Age tropes. I was able to approach these comics keeping in mind how a reader in the 60’s would conceivably approach them. The Silver Age marked the return of the superhero from a long haitus spanning the 50’s; the last time superhero comics where in such visibility was in the 40’s. The readers of 1963 and 1964 would have picked up an X-Men comic and viewed it with wonder. Imagine that: a man with wings, another one made of ice, the Beast scaling the side of a building on gigantic bare feet, the fashionable Marvel Girl with her telekinetics (referred to as telepathy during the early issues), and best of all Cyclops with his wonderful optic blasts.

It’s a curious thing that some elements of the X-Men that I found boring become pretty wonderful when viewed in the context of these early issues. I’ve always believed that the Angel was useless, for example. His wings were too vulnerable; he’s nothing more but a flying target. Not so in these early issues, his speed and agility in flight is celebrated here; the Angel is useful to his teammates in rescue situations and the way he is rendered by the both Kirby and Gavin shows very clearly how he enjoys flying. It might be that in the new X-Men issues too much emphasis was given to pure fighting prowess – a trait which the Angel, not including his Archangel form, was not particularly good in. Another noteworthy mention is the Beast. Hank McCoy in human form is wonderful to see compared to his later animal forms; he’s intelligent, funny and the bounding Beast is an effective panel visual.

I also note that this is the weakest iteration of the X-Men – and that’s not a put down. Cyclops faints if he uses his optic blasts too much. Jean Grey can only lift small objects. This is not a powerful team; which only adds up to the suspense of each issue since both the X-Men and the reader is aware of the team’s limitations.

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Tips For Dating Older Men – Issues That Can Harm Your Relationship

Are you in a relationship with someone older than yourself or contemplating starting one? If you are, then there are some tips for dating older men that you should keep in mind. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to older guys, but there are some issues that you should be aware of so that they don’t affect your relationship.

If you’re sensitive to criticism or negative remarks from others, then developing a thick skin is one of the best tips for dating older men. Your friends and family might not be thrilled with your choice. They might try to talk you out of continuing the relationship or persuade you not to pursue one in the first place. They can give you all the well-meaning advice they want, but ultimately, this is your life and your decision to make. Don’t let these comments get to you or interfere with your relationship. Have confidence in yourself and the choices you make, so that you can enjoy your life.

If your older man has children, this could present an awkward situation for you. If his children are close to your age, they might not appreciate your presence or they might feel threatened by it. Since you’re all adults, you should be able to talk these things through in a mature manner. You shouldn’t have to put up with any rudeness on their part. Be open to discussion in order to clear the air. Letting hostility or resentment build up can cause some serious damage to your relationship. You don’t want your man to feel that he has to choose between you or his children.

Among all the helpful tips for dating older men that you’ll find, learning how to compromise is one of the most effective for maintaining a strong relationship. Although you might share a lot in common, be prepared to make some serious changes to your lifestyle when it comes to how you spend time together. He might not have the energy to keep up with a hectic dating schedule, and you might find yourself feeling bored with some of the places he takes you to. This is where compromise comes in handy. You can take turns figuring out when and where you would like to spend time together so that you can both enjoy each other’s company without getting frustrated.

There are several other tips for dating older men or to attracting them in the first place, that will also help you enjoy a strong, healthy relationship. Being aware of these is essential in order to avoid problems that could arise. Remember that this is your life and you have the right to make your own decisions, but also remember that there are certain issues associated with the choices you make that could interfere with your happiness.

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Mens Issues – Infertility In Men

For married couples who are experiencing problems with getting pregnant, a fertility test is the best way of establishing the cause of the problem, and whether or not there is an issue with infertility. With our present lifestyles, men are at more risk of becoming infertile than women.

Among men, many factors reduce the ability to make a woman pregnant. These range from anatomical trauma, abnormal sperm, sexual dysfunction, and obstruction related to the reproductive system, as well as hormonal disorders. Treatment of infertility in men therefore aims to correct these disorders.

Certain lifestyles and practices also cause infertility problems among men. These lifestyles can cause men to become unhealthy and as a result infertile. Examples of these harmful practices include cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and drug consumption. There is also thought to be a connection between male infertility and an unhealthy diet. To improve fertility, changes in lifestyle, such as stopping smoking, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and eating foods that enhance fertility, may all be helpful.

To enhance their fertility, men should avoid tea, colas and coffee, since these all contain caffeine, which is known to affect fertility. They should eat green vegetables, especially spinach; as these contain a lot of vitamin E; drink a lot of watercress juice; eat pumpkin seeds, which are a source of zinc, and also wheat germ, which is another good source of vitamin E. Royal jelly is rich in contents that are believed to enhance sexual performance, so intake of royal jelly is also recommended.

One of the best remedies for infertility in both men and women is vitamin C. With particular regard to male fertility, it has been discovered that vitamin C has an antioxidant property, which is part of the biochemical process that results in the production of normal sperm. High levels of abnormal sperm are known to impact negatively on fertility.

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